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A story of hope, love, and triumph in a world torn apart

Her mother had often told her about her grandfather, how he had been shot down during World War II and escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe. Looking at him now, it’s difficult to see what made him a hero, but she has a paper to write, and he’s promised to tell her his stories.

But these aren’t the stories she was expecting, for to understand how her grandfather accomplished what he did, he will first have to tell her what made him who he was.

His is a story of poverty and struggle, of overcoming persecution and fighting for what you believe in. It is a story of love, of loss, and of surprising friendships. But most of all, it is a story about overcoming circumstances and rising above one’s limitations.

Because for heroes like her grandfather, our lives are not defined by what the world says we are but rather by What We May Be.



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At the Dawn of Creation, there was a rebellion in Heaven...
And one angel was caught in the middle.
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What We May Be

A story of hope, love, and triumph in a world torn apart

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