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The Loyal Angel


At the Dawn of Creation, when Satan rebelled against God, one angel was caught in the middle.

"The Loyal Angel is fantastic! It's plausible, fun, and exciting from beginning to end!"

- Aryn the Libraryan: Christian Book Review

Before the Beginning… The Kingdom of Heaven is the only universe the angels have ever known. But when God embarks on a new creation, everything begins to change.

For one angel, this extraordinary event presents a rare opportunity. Malachi has always dreamed of joining the Morning Star Legion, the elite guard of heaven. He finally gets his chance on the first day of Creation.

But things are not what they seem.

Malachi is shocked to learn that some of these angels have strange ways, many of which confuse and disturb him. As he delves deeper into the culture of the legion, his suspicions grow with every new revelation. Worse yet, his brother angels appear oblivious to the dangerous effects of their indoctrination.

When the legion’s most dreadful secret is revealed, Malachi faces a perilous choice. Can he save his brothers from making a terrible mistake? Or will he be swept up along with them in the coming storm?

His decision will have eternal consequences, for himself, his fellow angels, and for the Lord’s newest creation, a pair of mortals named Adam and Eve.

Nathan Reads a Sample!

Nathan Crocker talks about his debut novel, The Loyal Angel, and reads a sample chapter to help you decide if this book is for you!


Happy Man


One of my favorite
Christian fiction reads!

“Scripturally-based, excellent character development, compelling storyline, super page-turner.”



“This book is a real page-turner! Even though I am familiar with the biblical stories, I found myself eagerly reading to see what happened next. I felt as if I was right there watching the scenes unfold. The author is a master of the art of storytelling.”


Biblically Sound

“This book offered insights that filled in some gaps that I’ve struggled to grasp. This is a work that surely pleases God.”


Love this book!

“I randomly stumbled across this book, and it was so well written I couldn't put it down!”

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Chapter 1


The Demon



     A steamy fog rose above the crystal-clear water of the river, it’s bubbling currents cascading over rocks to create miniature whirlpools as it raced by on its way to the Mediterranean Sea. To the east, the rising sun peeked out over the nearby mountaintop, bathing the Roman city of Philippi in a warm summer's light.

    A crowd had gathered by the river that morning, men and women with their children sitting on blankets and cloaks spread upon the rocky ground. They had come to hear the words of a wise teacher, a traveler from the east, but they had not expected the tense confrontation now unfolding before their eyes...




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