What's Next?

Find out what projects I'm working on now and what's coming down the road. If you keep reading, I'll keep writing!

Current Project:


I am currently writing a biopic piece about a WWII B-17 Bomber pilot who grew up in the depression and goes on to fight in the war. He is shot down behind enemy lines and must lead his crew out of Nazi-controlled territory, drawing upon all the lessons of his life and the leader he has become.
I am so excited about this book because it is based on the real-life story of a true American hero! I will keep you updated as the work continues.
Update 7/25/2019:
The manuscript is complete! I am now researching agents and plan to start querying soon. I know who my first choice is, but I also know how this goes. Bring on the rejection. I am not afraid!
Update 3/19/2019:
I am nearing completion of the first draft! I have two, maybe three chapters to go before I am ready for some serious proof-reading and editing! That part is definitely nowhere near as much fun as the writing but necessary since otherwise, it might be unreadable!
Up Next:


Once I am done with my current project, I have a few more ideas on the slate. I can't promise that I will do all of them, but I have to keep my imagination churning, so I can keep on writing!
Next Project:
The Loyal Angel Sequel. This one is definitely happening. The first installment was my first full novel and a daunting challenge, and quite frankly, I needed a break when it was over. But now that my new book is almost done, I am ready to revisit Malachi and Grigori. As it is the will of the Lord, let it be so!
I have more ideas but none that are fully developed enough to mention here. I'll keep you posted as I work it out.